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Taylor Hawkins

Artist Spotlight: Taylor Hawkins

When he is not drumming for the Foo Fighters or working alongside members of Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Coheed and Cambria, Taylor Hawkins can be found working in the comfort of his well-appointed Los Angeles-based home studio, “Made in the Seventies”. In his home studio which is located in a guest house on his property, Hawkins prefers to retain the ‘home vibe’ while recording rather than having recording consoles, equipment and cables dominating the scenery. To that end, he integrated a portable rack case on the premises, loaded with BAE Audio preamps and compressors. The video below is the first in a several part series documenting Hawkins' home studio endeavors with BAE Audio.

BAE Gear Used on Album: 1073's, 1084's, 312's & 10DCF's.

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