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Microphone Cable 15ft-25ft Canford mic cable with Neutrik® XLRS Connectors.. Product #: MC15 Regular price: $50.00 $50.00

15ft-25ft XLRS Cable

Price: $50.00  $50.00

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15ft, 20ft or 25ft Canford HST - Helical Screened Stranded Conductor Twin Cables with Neutrik® XLRS Connectors

A high performance range of general purpose extra-flexible twisted twin conductor, helical (“lap”) screened cables, suitable for both microphone and general purpose uses. The cable construction design is the result of extensive research by Canford Audio, and the University of Durham Engineering Department. The outer jacket is an extra-flexible, soft PVC matt black polyurethane jacket – incredibly tough and resilient, and remains flexible in sub-zero arctic conditions. Ideal for on-stage PA, and outside broadcast and film work.

Two conductors, each 30 strands of 0.10mm plain copper wire for flexibipty, twisted with short lay length (30mm) for better balance and noise rejection. Cotton fillers used both to reduce microphony and to give a more regular central core profile to prevent movement of screen. Precision wound hepcal formation screen, 72 strands of 0.10mm plain copper wire. Overall jacket is extra flexible soft PVC, which has excellent handpng characteristics and remains flexible at low temperatures, together with a serviceable “semi-matt” surface finish.

30/0.10mm (0.235mm²) plain copper wire.

PVC, radial thickness 0.38mm, OD 1.4mm, Red and Black.

Twisting and Lay:
2 × 0.25mm2 plus 2 × cotton fillers, 30mm lay length.

72/0.1mm hepcally wound plain copper wire, 96% optical coverage.

143pF/metre core to core, 256pF/metre core to core + screen.

Maximum Conductor Resistance:
69 ohms/km.

Overall Jacket:
Soft semi-matt PVC, OD 6.40mm.

Custom Length is available for an additional $2 per foot. Please contact us for special orders.