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Steve Vai

Artist Spotlight: Steve Vai

"It just adds a beautiful air and is clearly superior..."

-Steve Vai

Renowned guitarist and recording legend Steve Vai has picked British Audio Engineering (BAE) mic-pre's and EQ for his demanding stage and studio needs.  After extensive testing and auditioning ten of the top products available today, Vai remarked, "BAE is the clear winner, simply stunning -- kind of magical."

In 1999, BAE carved out a premium niche in the vintage Neve/API market as the first company to remanufacture the 1073 mic-pre/equalizer since its discontinuation by Neve in the 70s.  After years of repurposing and racking up mic-pre's and EQ from classic Neve and API consoles, BAE now faithfully recreates new versions using original sources, including Jensen transformers, Carnhill transformers, and Elma gold-plated switches from Switzerland.

To decide on BAE's new 1073, Steve Vai did a comparison with the original, a modern day circuit board replica, and BAE's new unit.  "BAE has the smoothest and most responsive EQ I have ever heard," he commented. "It just adds a beautiful air and is clearly superior..."

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