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Gilby Clarke

Artist Spotlight: Gilby Clarke

BAE Audio Hot Fuzz Pedal Inspires Producer and former Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke

Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Gilby Clarke has owned a great many pedals during his long career, a career which has included stints as a member of Guns N’ Roses and numerous studio sessions. He was also familiar with the reputation for analogue excellence of hand-wired studio hardware manufacturer BAE Audio, whose rack gear is among the key pieces he turns to in his own full-service home studio. When he heard that BAE Audio had released its first guitar pedal, the Hot Fuzz, he was intrigued to explore one of his favorite gear manufacturers’ take on the stompbox effect...

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Hot Fuzz 2017 WIHO Award

BAE are manufactures of high end microphone preamp/equalizers faithful to vintage designs of the seventies and before. With a penchant for high quality transformers like Carnhill (St lves) and Jensen, everything is as close to the vintage philosophy as possible. Not only that but we insist everything is hand-wired/soldered using discreet electronics and not economized on a circuit board.