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312A Rackmount & Module

"This new flexible EQ range on the 312a is a dream come true for a tech head like me! I literally couldn’t ask for anything more!!"

JR Hutson
American Soul and R&B Producer and Songwriter

312A Features

The 312A is available as a 500 series module or a single or dual channel 19" rackmount.

Because there are no capacitors in the audio path, the 312A is super fast and punchy, allowing transients to pass easily, making them a favourite for drummers.

Made with the highest quality parts including Jensen input and output transformers and the BAE 2015 opamp. The 312A also includes a high impedance DI for instruments.

  • Made using BAE 2015 opamps
  • Supplied with Jensen input and output transformers.
  • Remote power supply with four-foot cable capable of four times the current needed by the preamps for optimum sound quality.
  • Switches have gold contacts for long life.
  • XLR connectors on the back for mic input and output and phone jack in front for direct input.
  • High impedance direct input for guitar and synthesizer.
  • Separate front panel switches for phantom power.

312A pair mic pres w/power supply MAP: $2,090.00
312A pair mic pres w/out power supply MAP: $1,870.00
312A Single mic pre w/power supply MAP: $1,100.00
312A Single mic pre w/out power supply MAP: $880.00
312A Module (Compatible with API 500 series) MAP: $860.00
312B Module (Same 312A sound with extra 5db on the pad) MAP: $860.00

312A Specifications

Frequency Response
5Hz to 75kHz (-3dB)

Mic Input Impedance
≈1400 ohms

Line Input Impedance
10k ohms

DI Input Impedance
≈250k ohms

Output Impedance
75 ohms

Common Mode Rejection Ratio
110dB min @ 60Hz

Maximum Output Level
+27.1 dBu @ 600Ω

Power Requirements
115/230 VAC, 27W (Rackmount)
40mA per Rail (Module)

Gain dB
10 to 66 dB

Equivalent Input Noise
-120 dBu; Unweighted 300kHz Bandwidth

Weight (Module/Rackmount)
1 LBS / 0.45 KG (Module)
7 LBS / 3.18 KG (Single Rackmount)
8 LBS / 3.63 KG (Dual Rackmount)

Dimensions in Inches (Rackmount/Module)
19W x 1.75L x 9D (Rackmount)
1.5W x 5.5L x 6D (Module)