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3LB Loaded
3LB Back
1073D in 3LB


3LB Features

The 3LB incorporates 3 slots for 500 series modules or the 1073D in a 3 space chassis.

  • Solid steel chassis.
  • Inputs and outputs on either side.
  • An overbuilt power supply for third party modules.
  • The same hand-wired construction that BAE is known for.

3LB MAP: $525.00

3LB Specifications

Power Requirements
115/230 VAC, 36W

Power Output
+/- 16 VDC 1.6A (0.8A/per Rail)
48VDC .1A

Weight (Empty)
6 LBS / 2.72 KG

Dimensions (in Inches)
11D x 10W x 5.5H