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Royaltone Fuzz Pedal

Royaltone Features

The Royaltone further explorers the possibilities of vintage English fuzz circuits in a dual-stomp format featuring powerful in-series 3-band tone circuit. The Royaltone’s fuzz imparts an instantly recognizable spitting, buzzy grit that cuts right through even the densest mix.

  • All Solid State design with 4 Bipolar, low noise transistors.
  • Individual sections for High Frequency Boost and Fuzz; each section has true bypass foot switch.
  • Sonically selected film, ceramic, mica, and electrolytic capacitors.
  • Individual gain pots for each section. Fuzz section also has control pots for Juice, Bass, and Treble.
  • Power: Single 9V battery; can be bypassed with external power supply and 2.5mm power jack - center Negative; battery need not be removed.
  • Total Maximum current draw: <6 mA.
  • Unit is powered when input is connected, whether LEDs are on or off. Remove plug from the input jack to conserve battery power.
  • Handbuilt in the USA.
  • BAE build quality throughout.

Royaltone MAP: $250.00

Circuits & Gain:

1. Tone stack with 3 controls (left switch and green LED):
a. MID (12.5 dB gain)
b. BASS (13.6 dB gain)
c. TREBLE (16.1 dB gain)

2. Tone Bender (Fuzz) with 2 controls (right switch and red LED):
a. ATTACK (20 dB gain)
b. LEVEL (20 dB gain)

Circuit Topology:

1. Tone Stack: 3 JFet transistors, as buffers and gain.
2. Tone Bender: 1 JFet and 2 Bipolar transistors.
3. Power Supply: +9 Volts D.C., battery or remote supply (plug is center negative, 2.0mm diameter).

Power Requirements
Idle: 7 mA
Max (both sections on): 13 mA

Dimensions in Inches
3.625 Wide x 6.25 Deep x 3.125 High

Dimensions in Millimeters
3.625 Wide x 6.25 Deep x 3.125 High

Royaltone Manual