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Best Gear Ever

As far as I'm concerned, this is the best gear ever. It's super solid. My drums sound fat; they sound thick; they sound rich. You know if you really want a great drum sound, this is the way to go.

Incredibly Well Made

It's a class A, incredibly well made pre that will pretty much get you by in any situation.

Everything I Expected and More

I tried your 1073s out, and I gotta tell you, they are everything I expected and more… That same quality that you were known for, combined with Rupert Neve original designs. With that quality applied, its just an incredible product.

Pensado's Place

Mix Engineer

Amazing for Live

Pre amps amazing for live, translates really well. The frequencies on the EQ very well tailored for a live environment. Could not ask for anything better on guitar.

I Really Love Them

I've been using my BAE 1073s this year to record everything; drums, vocals, I use them when I mix, I use them on microphone mode when I mix to add distortion. I love them… Run out and get yourself a set of BAE 1073s. I stand behind them, I really love them.

I Love My BAE Gear

I love my BAE gear. I use it on just about every session.

Just Fantastic

These guys make some of the best new gear that rivals the vintage stuff. We are a big user of 1023 and 1073 modules. I personally own 1073 mic pre, 10DC compressor; and they are just fantastic. Some of the best gear out there.

Every day is Christmas

They were magic almost. It was stunning. For someone like me, its like every time I put my hands on this thing to use it, its like every day is Christmas.


What's great with this, is you can play around with it and get a tone that you know isn't gonna conflict with the other guitar part.

Best Sound Possible

It gives me the best sound possible, that I can possibly get on my bass. I was blown away in the studio, my bass has never sounded that great.

Bryant Siono


Best Audio Ever

You really saved us. Because you were able to get that vocal sound. You were able to get that guitar sound. That is so classically English and so classically rock. What does BAE stand for? I thought it was for "Best Audio Ever."

Jack Douglas


It's so easy

I've used 1023s for everything from live bass, to electric bass, female vocals, to baritone vocals. Everything, its so easy.

Big Chris Flores

Producer & Engineer

It sounds like the 70's

It sounds like the '70s. Which is what I want! I bought a board from CBC, the maintenance on it was like horrific cause it was old. It's like getting an old car. So to get stuff like this that's new, that's reliable and dependable, that has that antique vintage sound. Which you can't get with a laptop anymore, unless you plug into this first. I'm thrilled to get this.

It’s the best

It’s the best, honestly, I’m not just saying this. I pay for my gear. I come here, I buy it, because it’s the best. I have a choice when I’m buying… The 1073 is the one, that’s it, its the best.

Evan Taubenfeld

Musician & Songwriter


The sound, it is incredible, rich, silky, adds a touch of bass harmonics; which makes the final result amazing compared to the initial signal.

Essential tool

I can’t say enough. Just really, it just comes down to making music in the end, and BAE is an essential tool for what I do. I’m grateful for that.

I love the 312’s

I love the 312’s. They are useful for just about everything. This old technology in new form really does work.

Troy Van Leeuwen

Musician & Producer


Amazing gear.

Rick Springfield

Musician & Songwriter

I love BAE

I love the 1084s and the I love the 1073s and all BAE. l cant imagine my studio without my BAE gear.

Rusty Anderson

Rusty Anderson

I love it

The 1073MPF’s a great unit, and its been in use every day since I’ve gotten it. I love it.


I was really impressed by the clarity. I was also impressed by the bottom of it. You know, it was something that I wasn’t expecting.

BAE Won Hands Down

Tom and Andy have written and produced hundreds of tracks for ABC,NBC, CBS & ESPN. They have lent their production skills to Bon Jovi and Elvis Costello, performed with The Rolling Stones and Paul Simon to name a few. Before we opened our studio we had extensive shootouts of every vintage and boutique mic pre amp on the market. The BAE 312 and 1272 pres won hands down every time. Anyone serious about recording music should not be without them. After a great performance, and a good mic - they are the most essential piece of the sonic puzzle.

Tom Gioia & Andy Snitzer

Visionary Music Group

Integral part of record making

BAE has been an integral part of my record making for many many years now. I have owned the mic pre's,eq's and racks for years. The dedication to costumer service is something one can count on. With the advent of the Avedis 1122 OpAmp, the classic 2520 opamp was brought forward into the future. Mark has also made a point at looking back at certain designs and his attention to detail shows in the new products that he is working on. I am very happy to announce and toast Mark's new ownership in the company. I forecast excellent things to come.

Absolutely exquisite

Hey BAE. Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the two BAE 1073 clones I recently bought for vox and guitar work on a new album I am producing. They are absolutely exquisite and sound as good or better than the old 1073's I used to own. I regretted selling the originals until I heard the BAE 1073'S. Anyone who buys the old ones at the inflated price are simply uninformed. The mic pres are right on the money and the eq section imparts the magic 1073 sound to anything put through it. The build quality is equally superb. Keep me on the 'notify immediately' list for your new compressor. Best Regards,

Robert Haas

Recording Studio

Built like a tank

From our first experience with BAE to this very day, BAE has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. It was refreshing to find out from jump that guys are just as geeked out on great tone as we are. We bought our first vintage Neve modules from BAE over a decade ago- and those two channels have been the cornerstone of the six NELSON albums since. They were built like a tank. No issues whatsoever despite countless recording sessions and innumerable air miles. We were so pleased in fact, that we've just bought two more BAE Neve modules- and were happy to find that they were from the same console run as those first two BAE modules. I can't recommend BAE more highly.

Nelson Brothers


Built to last

Counting Crows built a portable studio 10 years ago and we filled it with racks of BAE pre amps and eqs. The stuff is built to last and has been a huge part of every record we have made since.

Dave Bryson

Counting Crows

A must have for the studio

Country Music Legend Recommends BAE For Classic Sound! Vince Gill's new studio includes a stereo pair of BAE 1073's (in upper right-side rack). Gill commented, "The BAE 1073's were a must have for the studio and, for that matter, everyone's studio if they want the classic sound."

BAE never fails to hold the top

After several preamp shoot outs on the years, BAE never fails to hold the top position year after year. (Aside from his powerful solo acoustic shows and touring with Winger, Kip was the lead singer for the Alan Parsons Live Project. He has performed or recorded with the likes of Alice Cooper, Mark Farner, Roger Daltrey, Neal Schon and Bob Dylan.)

Can't imagine mixing without them.

I use BAE 312a and 1073 pre amps on every production and every mix. the 312 gives my drums and percussion that fruity punch, and I love the big sound of the 1073. I cant imagine mixing without them.

El Hefe


I love them

BAE mic pres are the truth... they have that nice warm sound like old 1073s but quieter. I love them! I use mine for everything, then run final mixes through the 1073MPF's. Balanced Inputs straight out of ProTools to CD to give them a phatt analogue richness."

Terrace Martin

Artist & Producer

Best gear out there!

I just got my 1073MP and I couldn't be happier. I've been using various BAE pres in other studios for years, but never had a pair in my own home studio. I absolutely love this unit being in my rack and now my vibe here at my studio was just elevated so much. Thanks for making some of the best gear out there!!!!

Brilliant idea

1073 and 1084: "I literally spent weeks testing and comparing mic pres.. all makes and models...including 3 vintage Neve pres. The BAE's sounded 100% identical to the vintage Neve in every way. The choice to save some cash, avoid aging parts and go with BAE was an easy one. I'll be back for more soon." DMP: "The DMP is perfect for live DI situations, recording on the go and of course, simple desktop recording. Having that 1073 sound in such a compact and powerful unit is a brilliant idea." Thanks Mark...loving the gear. Dave

I have finally found the winner!

After trying nearly all of the 1073's in the marketplace today, I have finally found the winner! From kick drums to overheads and from condensers to ribbon mics, these 1073's are by far the best I've heard. The 19" single rack space package is also the most versatile overall package that I've ever worked with. Last but not least, is the value. I have ran these BAE's against many rare/vintage/super expensive pre's and I can go on record as saying, "these pre's not only compete but usually beat anything you put them up against". Thanks so much for a great product and amazing support BAE!

It has the punch I need

The BAE 1023 is a step up for me. I spent years on the 1073 but enjoy the extra EQ I get now. Aside from that for my voice I won't go through anything else. It is a must in my chain no matter where I am. As a bonus I got the 312 and I am running guitars and my keys through it. Hands down a new dimension is added to tracking these. It has the punch I need to cut through and with keys it just makes it sound richer vs a straight DI. On the road or in the studio my rack will never be without BAE.

Ryan Star


It makes my tracks sound lovelier!

I love my BAE mic pre-amp. It makes my tracks sound lovelier!

Jane Wiedlin

The Go-Go's

I have 8 channels of BAE in my rack

Currently I have 8 channels of BAE in my rack[s], which are invariably called upon, no matter what it might be that I'm working on. Most recently I added (a pair of) the 10DC to my set-up. Immediately what struck me was the versatility of this compressor/limiter. One can go from a very gentle 'Is this thing on?' type of setting, to full-bore envelope destruction - each opposite sonic pole sounding equally stellar. The real fun will be exploring the areas in between.

Consistent Clarity!

We have had our 1032 pre in out studio for a while. It can be 100% be depended upon for giving us a comprehensive signal, rich with clarity every time. Easily one of the best things about recording with this is the resulting sound not needing that much work when mixing.

Nice Vintage Sound

The whole thing just sounds like a nice vintage sound. Really warm and true, which is what we always tried to use in studios past.

The Gear is at that level

The gear is at the level that I worked my whole life to be at, the gear is at that level.

Kenny Aronoff


Most Incredible

I traveled almost two years through China and the DMP was the only preamp I had taken with me. As I started to stack my tracks, I realized I had one of the most incredible consoles in the world and it came from one mic pre.

My Secret Weapon

I've got some BAE gear in my studio- some 1084 channel strips and some 10DC compressors. The compressors are my secret weapon for a few different things. I can't live without them now because they are a signature part of a sound that I get from certain instruments. I don't know what they do, it's magic.

Mario Marchetti

Record Producer

You Can't Go Wrong

I love their products. I have for years; ever since the first time I tried them… You can't go wrong.

They're bad ass

I have six BAE mic pre’s in my studio. They're bad ass. They make drums sound bad ass. They make me sound like a better drummer, actually.

Rodger Carter


Makes me a better player

Its got an inherent characteristic about it that sounds like the records that I grew up loving; makes me a better player. That natural ability to translate a guitar amp is something I found in BAE gear, that I just don't find in other pieces of gear.

Sort of a magical thing

Bottom end is sort of a magical thing with the 1073 where you can just push it and push it; and it takes on a character, it kind of almost compresses itself in a nice way.

The best studio gear

Some of the best studio gear around.

The hammer in the studio

It’s become, kind of, the hammer in the studio; gets used for everything. If I was thinning down my studio, that would be the last thing to go.


I haven't been this excited about some new gear in a long time… BAE stuff is becoming legendary.

Billy Sheehan


Really good

Bryant Siono’s sound was okay at first, but now it's really good.

Charles Streeter

Drummer & Producer


This thing is spectacular. For those of us who know about these things, the pre amp and the 312 are the most important park of recording, period.

Tom Cochrane


We love it

We have been using BAE for probably for a little over a year now. Going into the relationship with BAE, I was more under the impression that it would be a lot more of a studio grade thing that I didn't think would make much of a difference in the live world; and I was sorely mistaken. Once we got the pre amp in here, just putting my center vocals on it, it was amazing the clarity between the center vocal and the other vocals I had on other pre amps… We love it. Its quite a beautiful sounding thing.

Just Incredible

The notes are more open, the high notes on the guitar are definitely fatter, the whole thing just has a clear voice. It’s just incredible.

Scott Henderson

Guitarist & Composer


There is much more, almost unlimited sounds that we can get from the kick drum. … The spontaneity of coming up with a kick sound and trying a take with it is just great. The 312A’s are phenomenal.

Michael Glabicki

Musician & Songwriter

Two Thumbs Way Up

Two thumbs way up! A win in my opinion, the bae 1073 and 1084 modules sound every bit as good as the original Neve modules I have used my whole career, I've had blind fold audio shoot out tests in my vintage neve room and there is absolutly no difference. There is nothing comes as close to my origional neve eq/mic preamps as  bae products, and in my opinion, bae products surpass all the competition in build quality. From the point to point wiring, to the audio  traces on their cards, original St Ives (Carnhill) transformers, nickel plating, impeccable craftsmanship and wow! No old dirty switches and pots. Did I mention they plugged right in to my vintage neve 8014 frame from 1970 flawlessly! Plus mark and the staff over at bae are totaly professional and a pleasure to deal with. Selected discography; Imogen Heap, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, Simon Townshend, Robbie Krieger, Urge Overkill, Lizzy Grant, The Cheeters, Cypress Hill, James Taylor, Los Lobos, Soloman Burke, Joan Osborne, Taj Mahal, Mark Broussard, Norwood Fisher, Shawn Colvin, Hundred Year Flood & Sting

Sounds fabulous

I have been using BAE gear for years, from racked vintage API 312's to their 6 & 11 space 500 series racks. Everything is built and sounds fabulous but it wasn't until I bought a matched pair of new 1272's that I heard the ultimate expression of what BAE gear is all about. The 1272 is so full of tone- fat yet tight and focused. Great for vocals, bass, electric guitars, toms, kick etc... It takes any harshness out of female vocals and still shimmers. It looks old school (which I like) and rocks in the modern realm, it's the best of both worlds.

James Lugo

Vozal Asylum


Just wanted you to know. Just finished the first song on my new instrumental project using a Peluso 22/47 se Mic and your 1272. WOW! Huge! Eric Schilling mixed the project and it is the best sound my soprano sax has ever recorded. Purchasing a new 1272 this week. Been using BAE gear for years, from racked vintage API 312's to their 6 & 11 space 500 series racks. Everything is built and sounds fabulous but it wasn't until I bought a matched pair of new 1272's that I heard the ultimate expression of what BAE gear is all about. The 1272 is so full of tone; fat yet tight and focused. Great for vocals, bass, electric guitars, toms, kick etc... It takes any harshness out of female vocals and still shimmers. It looks old school (which I like) and rocks in the modern realm, it's the best of both worlds."

Yes, they're that good

In the Jan 2005 issue of Tape Op Magazine (#45), you can read my review of the BAE 312A mic preamp. I comment on how it worked fabulously on drums, guitar, and piano with various mics, including ribbons. I purchased three BAE 312A 500-series modules before finishing that review. Why three? Because I only had three open channels in my BAE 11-module rack. Well, since then, I've swapped out two of my original vintage API 312 modules (racked many years ago by BAE), and I now have five BAE 312A's. Yes, they're that good. And I wouldn't hesitate recommending them over vintage or contemporary APIs, especially if you want clearer highs and tighter lows without sacrificing any of the in-your-chest punch of the API sound. I have 24 channels of high-end outboard pre-amps in my personal studio, and the 312A's get used more often than any of the others. (And yes, I bought these with my own hard-earned money!)

This Pre really stands out

Dear Mark, Today I got my BAE 1084. The 1084 sounds glorious. This Pre really stands out with my existing gear, which includes some vintage BAE racked Neve 1066's, and Neve/Ams 1073's. My BAE 1272's tend to really work better than the above mentioned when being used on room mics, and close micing a single coil pick up guitar, through a twin or AC-30. They just work, very gluey. My BAE 1084 will be my go to traveling Pre amp. I have not racked it, or tied it into the patch bay. I have the pre set up next to the vocal mic. Pushing line level into my mic panels. The sound is very pure, the 1084 matches great with a U47. My vocal input chain is usually quite loaded. Today's vocal chain is a U47, BAE 1084, Amtec valve EQ, Urei LA 3A, Urei 1176, Thermionic Culture (the Phoenix), and derr-esser. I love it! Thanks for your dedication to making the 70's dream alive this century! It's like the Reagan era never happened! I'm anxious to try all the new gear you are developing as well, should we set up a direct deposit? Ha! Best,

Way better constructed

Just like throw my five cents in. I've been using BAE gear for many a year now and then some upstart convinces me to try the 'real' 1073. After A/B-ing the 2 1073's, I couldn't hear a difference. When I opened them up, that's when I saw the difference. All I'll say is that the BAE 1073 was way better constructed, which means I wont have to dick with it again and again. Anyway the point being, if you want the 'real' deal then you wont be disappointed with the BAE version.

Loud and true

My BAE 1073's ring loud and true- crystal clear as the ocean blue! makes anything sing- from vocals, overheads, and even banjo strings! As everyone knows- an essential tool to have in ye olde audio toolbox!

You simply can't go wrong

The BAE 1073's effortlessly provide the control, warmth & versatility that elevate any modern recording, while retaining & respecting it's classic predecessor. Now with the added 20k & 24k frequencies of the BAE 1023, any remnants of the term "retro" get banished by the vitality of this units' modern functionality. You simply can't go wrong.

Nice warm punch

Have you ever got hit by a nice warm punch that a funked your junk all up. I was just screwing around with my BAE 1084 when it hit me, A wonder what my Space Bass would sound like in this. I plugged it in and the sound was so pure and natural I thought I was on stage in the Mothership. This thing sings with tone, punch, and straight up good solid sound that will stand out in a mix with loud drums and guitars. She does have a sweet spot, and the funk founded it first, if you  wanna run with the big dogs you gotta come off the porch. The BAE 1084 DI don't just funk around, pound for pound it has that funked up sound you've been droolin' for. Don't take my funk for it, check it out, it's on the One! Bootsy baby!!!

Bootsy Collins

Recording Artist

My go to pre

My go to pre in the studio is the BAE 1028. It has that classic 1073 sound but with significantly more frequencies to help you out of those tight spots. For the road BAE have developed the DMP (desktop mic pre) which is just the preamp section. lf you're looking for that vintage 70's sound, look no further than BAE.

Matt Sorum

Official Site

My mainstay

BAE has been a mainstay for audio gear consistently since before I started seriously engineering. l went with the BAE 500 series rack because it was the only one I could find that gowes tew eelevon. All my BAE gear was set up for overdubs during the mixing of the Black Eyed Peas record "The E.N.D." which were many. The Peas held the #1 spot for 23 weeks straight on Billboard (a record), and were nominated for 6 grammys with that record, so it seemed to work

Dylan 3D Dresdow

Paper VU Studios

There is no substitute

Joe Tansin former singer songwriter guitarist for Badfinger. I am working on my latest CD "The Last Ride" which you can view on you tube and download on apple iTunes and amazon.com. I was forced to be without my BAE 1073 for a vocal session I had to use a substitute pre and what a revelation that was. There is no substitute for my BA 1073 it is crucial in my vocal sound. That warm fuzzy quality and huge open sound. I have used vintage Neve's for years and the BAE pres are identical in every way. And by the way Mark is wonderful man and he stands behind his product. Drop by my Facebook page. And check out my new music.

Joe Tansin


Super punchy

My BAE's are my go to Pre/EQ's for EVERYTHING. I use my 1023's on Kick, Snare, Guitars, and Vocals. I also use 312A's on Overheads, and Bass. The 1023's sound huge, and have an incredibly smooth, and powerful EQ. The 312A's are super punchy with a glassy top end. I couldn't imagine my studio without them. BAE rules! Some bands I have done records for: Sky Eats Airplane (Equal Vision Records)、Life On Repeat (Equal Vision Records), Of Legends Everyone Dies In Utah (Tragic Hero Records), Count Your Blessings (Standby Records)

Taylor Larson


They made it easy

During the recording of many of the Steven Slate Drums sessions, we used lots of BAE mic pres and equalizers. They made it easy to get some of the best drum sounds I've ever heard.

Steven Slate


They just are the best

My first purchase of BAE gear was a 1272 10 years ago, and it set the bar. Since then we've built a three room facility in New York City and BAE gear is at the heart of all the rooms. When a artist comes in and raves about the sound, invariably the chain includes a piece of BAE gear. From TV (Weeds, Burn Notice, America's Next Top Model, Hung) to Film (Sundance, Showtime), to music (Interscope and independents), Outloud Audio serves audio content from 5.1 mixes to mono internet feeds and BAE gear is at the heart of it all. BAE 312a's, 1272, and 1084's sit in Studio A, and Studio B and C are all BAE 312's. They just are the best. Big, robust, musical, dependable, and amazing - empirically. I have the budget for the Neve classics, but the workmanship and sound on the BAE's are equal and with newer parts. It's a no brainer. BAE won me over and we've never looked back. Thank you for helping our success! Mark Kondracki, Principal - Outloud Audio

Mark Kondracki


Very musical warm color

With most mastering projects coming in with over-compressed loud levels, and have probably not touched analog equipment throughout most of the recording and mixing process, I find the choices made in the mastering process have changed. I no longer find myself using digital compression and EQ, but in contrary I'm finding my self using more analog gear then ever before. The BAE 1073MP, used as a line-amp at the end of my mastering chain, smoothes out the rough edges on the top and mid as well as rounds out the low end adding a very musical warm color to my mastering. Joe Gastwirt Oak Park, CA

Joe Gastwirt Mastering


Our go to Pre for everything

The BAE 1073 is our go to Pre for everything. We track vocals, guitars, drums, synths etc. and it beats out any other amp in our arsenal! Simply the BEST. Tony Ghantous and Brett Epstein "Contagious Songs" Producers/Songwriters

Tony Ghantous and Brett Epstein


I could not ask for anything more!

I had been looking for key pieces to use in my newly built studio for a while. I did not want a lot of outboard sitting in a rack collecting dust. I wanted timeless, work-horse items that could be used for multiple genres; something great for vocals, instruments, and my secret arsenal of virtual instruments. After trying a few modules that were good on some things but not so good on others, in walks the BAE 10DC and 1023 combo. Fast forward to today. I find myself running everything everything everything through these units! They have the clean, warm yet current sound I need for a vocal chain. They give me the true depth I so desperately need for my live instruments. But more importantly for me, they help create the realness and solid sound I am looking for when I use virtual instruments! And this new flexible EQ range on the 1023 is a dream come true for a tech head like me! I literally could not ask for anything more!! In my opinion, cluttered studios are a thing of the past. Mobility and versatility are the name of the game. And once again, BAE has hit the nail on the head!! "JR" Hutson is a multi-platinum, grammy nominated producer known for his work with Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Musiq Soulchild.

I love my BAE 10DC compressor Limiter

I love my BAE 10DC compressor Limiter...I have been using it for a while now.. Very reminicent of a Neve 2254... But with quiet switches and smaller increment... It has got a gorgeous flavour that none of my other classic original comps have.

Sounds Awesome!

The 1073 DMP is great and it sounds awesome! It really warms up your tracks and it will give you that analog sound we all love. The great thing it is portable and it has a handle on it, so you can use it live or take it to the studio. Also, It is hand crafted in the US with all the same parts as the original and I will be defiantly be using this on all of my recordings.

Mike Campese