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Q: Can I use my 10 series power supply to run my 500 series rack and vice versa
A: No they use different voltages.

Q: What are the different inputs used for on the PSU?
A: The inputs are identical so you may plug into either one. They can also power up a second unit.

Q: What are the LED's used for on the PSU?
A: They signify 24v and 48v on the 10 series and + - 16v and 48v on the 500 series.

Q: Will my BAE gear work overseas?
A: Yes there is a voltage changer on the back of the PSU.

Q: Why are there no meters on your mic pre's?
A: All our pre's clip at above +28db so whatever you are hooking them up to will clip first.

Q: Can I have my 1272's enclosed in a chassis like the 1073mp?
A: Unfortunately no, as the 1272 is already one U deep and therefore wouldn't fit inside.

Q: What are the differences between all of the 10 series pre-amps
A: An extensive description of each piece will be on its individual page but in a nutshell:

  • 1073DMP desktop version of the 1073 mic pre
  • 1073MP mic pre only section of the 1073
  • 1073MPF mic pre and high pass filter section of the 1073
  • 1073 mic pre EQ
  • 1084 mic pre EQ
  • 1066D mic pre EQ with extended hi frequencies
  • 1023 mic pre EQ with extended mid and hi frequencies
  • 1028 mic pre EQ with extended mid and hi frequencies and filters
  • 1032 4 band mic pre EQ with extended mid and hi frequencies and filters

So basically all pre’s sound the same, they just have different EQ power

Q: Do you sell the Marconi knobs?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: Do you do any custom work?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: Why should I buy BAE over the competition?
A: We have been working with the 10 and 500 series for over 25 years and know these circuits inside out.
If you purchase a 1073 or similar module, it should have a Carnhill/St Ives transformer installed. The reason is not only will it sound closer to a vintage unit, but it will hold it value better as that is the authentic transformer for that circuit.
If you buy a new 1073 and it doesn’t have a Carnhill St Ives, it can’t be considered an authentic 1073.
At BAE we use only the best parts like Elma switches, Jensen and Carnhill St Ives transformers and we hand wire everything in Los Angeles USA. If you check out our testimonials you will see that you don't just have to take our word. The pro's (who can’t afford to compromise on sound) talk about how they prefer the BAE product.