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White Lung

Artist Spotlight: White Lung

White Lung Looks to BAE Audio’s Vintage Preamp Designs to Achieve a Modern Sound on Paradise

BAE Audio’s 1073MP and 1073DMP is used on Everything from Vocals to Bass on Hotly Anticipated Record by the Indie-Punk Darlings, Helping Achieve an 'Urgent' and 'Balanced' Sound

When high-energy indie-punk rockers White Lung got together with producer Lars Stalfors to begin work on their new record ‘Paradise,’ they made it clear that they were after a sound that was more than a mere simulacrum of the punk rock of yesteryear. “They were very clear that they wanted something new and modern,” Stalfors says. “They didn’t want something consciously vintage sounding, they wanted a big sound that took advantage of all the technical resources they had available.” To achieve the sound of the today, Stalfors turned to a modern take on a classic, the BAE Audio 1073MP and 1073DMP preamplifiers.

BAE Gear: 1073DMP, 1073MP & 1073.

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