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Lars Brogaard

Artist Spotlight: Lars Brogaard

"The acoustics at The Colosseum are exceptional to begin with, but when we tried the BAE Audio 312s on the drum kit, we were able to hear a massive increase in both depth and tone. We could hear much more detail in the natural sound of the wood coming off of the drums — the difference was truly amazing."

-Lars Brogaard FOH Engineer for Rod Stewart

Brogaard, who has been looking after Rod Stewart's sound for 30 years, began tinkering with gear when he was just 16 years old living in Denmark in the mid-seventies: "I ended up running the sound for several bands because I wasn't good enough to play myself," he recalls. Shortly thereafter, he moved to England and got his first big break as monitor engineer on ABBA's world tour in 1979, and then handling FOH mixing for artists like the Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, ABC and many others. "I started in this business doing sound, and I am always trying to make the sound better. This is something that I have always cared deeply about," he explains.

At the recommendation of Stewart's bass player Conrad Korsch, Brogaard tried using BAE Audio 312 preamplifiers on the drum kit during Stewart's residency at Caesars Palace last spring. He was astonished at the sound..."

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