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Mark Loughman

Artist Spotlight: Mark Loughman

From Manchester England, Mark has played with bands such as Happy Mondays, Soda and Elbow. During the ‘Madchester’ period of the mid nineties, Manchester seemed like the right place to be.

After a support slot with Sting in 98 he longed for pastures new and after busking through North America, he relocated permanently to Los Angeles in 2000.

“I got of the plane at New York JFK with just a bag and a guitar. l had a limited amount of cash so all I could do was start busking. l wanted to see a bit more of America so I got the Greyhound and set off. I wanted to see some musically historic places so I headed out to Nashville and then on to Memphis.”

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Hot Fuzz 2017 WIHO Award

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